hMetrix is a rapidly growing provider of healthcare business intelligence and data solutions. We offer organizations - of all sizes and types - high quality, effective solutions specific to their needs, on a host of issues pertaining to the unique risks and realities in healthcare. Our innovative analyses give organizations across the industry the tools and information they need to improve clinical and business performance.

The hMetrix approach is proven, effective, and adaptable. It integrates cutting edge technology that places a premium on simplicity and accuracy with a wealth of personal experience in healthcare economics consulting. Combining world-class data analysis with years of real-world exposure to the demands and practicalities of healthcare strategy makes our services uniquely effective for our diverse client portfolio. We enable clients from across the healthcare spectrum - payers, providers, employers, healthcare benefit consultants, case and disease managers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and policy makers among them - to make better decisions, faster.

Clients benefit from exceptional hMetrix services including:

  • Data management -- data mining, cleansing and editing, integration and enhancement to make the most of your data
  • Data analysis -- retrospective and predictive analytics using client-specific and appropriate comparative data
  • Management reporting -- clear, concise reporting designed for improved decision-making
  • VisART, the ultimate data management system -- web-enabled data analytics that are astonishingly easy to use, accurate, visually appealing, and intuitive

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